Sleeping lines, standing lines

Ria got her first homework this Friday, a set of worksheets to be completed over the weekend.
It was surprising how much she’s picked up at school over the last one month. With a crayon she can now draw reasonably straight lines, and complete dotted lines as well, both which I know for sure she couldn’t do during her summer vacations.
They have introduced the written alphabet in an interesting way … well, maybe that’s how every school does it nowadays, but I found it a very nice approach.
The kids were first taught the concept of a standing line (vertical) and a sleeping line (horizontal), which they could easily relate to because they understand the concepts of standing and sleeping. They’ve been drawing standing and sleeping lines for some time, in fact, Ria does them a lot while playing on her own with her crayons too.
Once they could draw these reasonably well, they were started off on their first letters of the alphabet, not ABC but L and T, both of which can be created with one standing line and one sleeping line. So she can now write and recognize two letters, and also knows their sounds, etc. Pretty impressive!
She was very happy when we handed her the worksheets, and sat for an hour with full focus, finishing all 8 of them in one shot (she had two weekends’ worksheets to do this time, because she was absent last Friday). All homework done on Friday evening itself, hope that trend continues šŸ™‚

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