Signs …and to think she’s already one helluva fighter

When Ria, our now 1 year old daughter, was about to be born Sonali developed a craving for   Bourbon biscuits. The packet came with an assemble it yourself toy a very small thing which gave her that 5 minute of joy as she loves jigsaw puzzles and is a major gaming freak whenever she gets the time….. we used to be the nerds who couldn’t go home untill we’d solved the daily crossword in the college library :)…. anyways so she got fond of this biscuit. One day the toy which we got from the packet was a MiG21. All good we were being told that we were going to have a baby boy (no not by any doc or testing lab but by the old ladies around us who “knew” that it was going to be a boy…. yes we had decided we’d adopt a girl immediately if it turned out ot be a boy coz we wanted a baby girl) and a MiG meant fighter pilot kid….. so the wierd part was that this was a fighter jet and it was PINK!

I was perplexed as in what boy fighter pilot would fly a pink jet….. Anyways I kept it on the wall unit and kept thinking scratching my head and thinking ok maybe like I wear pink shirts once in a while……

Then on the evening of 3rd July when we were all sitting around waiting for 10PM (when we planned to go and check in at the hospital for the delivery on the 4th of July) I picked up my moms purse (see disclaimer here I am the official summer cleaner of the ladies’ purse as I can brutally throw away stuff like toffee wrappers and pieces of papers with scribbled numbers thus making it a more organized thing….. they like to ask me to do it I don’t generally like going into them :)) just so everyone knows I’m not weird just helpful)…. So I start cleaning her purse and chance upon this weird small packet of jigsaw pieces in my moms purse. I am like “what is this” she says “oh something I got in a biscuit packet”…. So I ask her “Bourbon?” she’s like “yes, I like it a lot”….. :))

I assemble the pieces and guess what??? Another MiG21 this time a different form factor….. but PINK!!!!!! Man I am so confused so so so confused….. a boy is being born tomorrow and he will fly a pink MiG21!!! What is that supposed to mean?

Next morning at 11:19 I had my answer 🙂 “It’s girl and she looks just like Imtiaz!” exclaimed the delivering Gynac(Dr. Anita Soni we so so so love you to bits for that)…..

So now one year on we have a totally uncontrollable, naughty Ria on our hands who is all over the place (neighbors we never knew existed have been discovered by her, at malls the sales girls take her from us and when we are ready to leave we know to find her from the area which has the maximum number of shrieks and screams emanating from, oh we get a lot of toffee and balloons for the kid at same malls, airport lounges parks everywhere)….. she is so very social that it seems like she’s making up for us being the social recluses we were all our lives…. as for the fighter pilot theory…. lets see it’s for her to decide when she decides…. we are a family of Navy rejects…. my dad was underweight and I had bad eyesight…. both of us cleared our NDA but could never get through….. in fact the running joke is that Navy fail ka beta Navy fail (yeah my mom says that…. though technically I am a Naval Academy fail it’s different :))….