our resident class monitor

We were at the gym and get a call from home. It’s Ria, calling to tell her mom “mamma bahot baarish ho rahi hai jaldi se aa jaana, bheegnaa nahin”.

She’s not yet 3 but from the way she has taken charge of things at home it appears as if she’d be 23 already. Tell her you’re going to hypercity for the groceries and she know what all needs to be on the list, “chana daal, tel, mera saabun, aata, chicken, lassun, aur papa ka deo”! Papa ofcourse is the slowest person in the house and needs to be constantly monitored and reported about “isne towel bahar nahin daala”, “tu kahaan gaya thaa?”, “tere ko kuch chahiye hypercity se?”, “kuch khaayega?”, “tujhe coffee chahiye?” and more…

Well schools reopen, after the summer vacations, on Monday (3days from now). Not really looking forward to it considering she’s going to be out of the house for a full 4 hours everyday but then good for her she spends time with same age friends a little more than with us old pokes. Guess it’ll just mean that we also get out of the house and go to office more regularly (like more than once a month that we do nowadays). Home is vibrant and too addictive with kiddo playing, running around and generally managing her didi log all day…”tu itnaa gudd mat daal mamma pitti degi tereko”, tho I can’t remember the last time mamma got physical with anyone leave alone the help, but then a kids mind is truly without borders or explanations…. this one specially so I think… well I guess all parents think that… mine used to think I will be the President of India one day…..