aaj school nahin jaana

So everyday she wakes up hops over her mom and proceeds to wake me up to get me to put on the music dance with her, give her a bath and go to school. Today she wakes up, wakes me up and says “aaj school nahin jaana”…. I being me say “sure”… we cuddle up and go back to sleep. Her mom hears the conversation, turns around and proceeds to kick us awake…. only we prevail and aaj school nahin jaana :)) So aaj kya karnaa? Well for starters Ria is downstairs playing with Pinky didi, I’ve had my shower and am all changed and ready to go out, SG doesnt know yet but am planning to take her to the new Harry Potter flick that released today. Ria would be busy with her didi log so all good there. And trying out the email to post thingamabob for the first time lets see.