Baby Einstien

Ria is usually a very fussy eater, mainly because she is so hyperactive that she just won’t stay at one place long enough to have a full meal. After a couple of spoonfuls she turns all cranky and refuses any more. Today we got one of the Baby Einstien videos, and that seemed to do the trick, at least for now. She was so engrossed in the video that she had the full bowl without any fuss. We are planning to get more of those videos, and hopefully, her interest in them will continue.

Hello World!

Ria is a year old now. While the best thing to do would have been to start much sooner, around when she was born, I figured “better late than never”. So this is where I intend to save my memories of stuff she does as she grows, so that we can look back later and go through the notes of our fascinating journey as parents. It has been a magical journey, starting with knowing that we are going to have a baby, getting those sneak peeks at the sonography tests, feeling her kicks, waiting to finally hold her. Then came THE day, THE moment when Dr. Anita Soni announced in the OT “Its a girl! And she looks exactly like Imtiaz”. It was overwhelming. Then I touched her for the first time, as her doctor brought her close to my cheek and then my lips. I kissed her on her face. She was so tiny, so pretty. From then to her first birthday now, time just flew by. There’s so much that has happened. She has grown up from the tiny baby who couldn’t even turn sides to an active toddler who keeps everyone on their toes.

She’ll never be toothless again

toothless monkey
toothless monkey
a few minutes back while getting out of the shower to hand the baby over to the wife for post processing I thought I’ll clean the kids gums as well…. she gave me a bite with her swollen gums and I was like wow teething in progress…. and then I looked at the wife sadly and exclaimed “she wont be toothless ever again!”….. her toothless grin is to die for…. so wife also gets sad and then we both almost simultaneously exclaim “oh she’ll be toothless again just that we wont be around to see it the next time around”…. parenthood for you.