You need a pouch??

It’s raining in Mumbai now and I was getting prepped for my daily run. I asked Sonali if she had a ziplock bag I could use for keeping the stuff I carry with me on my runs, stuff like 20bucks in case I need to buy some flowers or a coconut water or hire a rick just in case or well anything, house keys for when I get back and the wife and kids are out on their walk/run/shopping trip, phone for my GPS/music/emergency calls….. immediately a little voice chimes in from the background

“I have a pouch, you can take it but give it back when you come from your Bhaggo Bhaggo”….

runs off to her room and returns with this MacDonald’s pencil pouch she recently got with her happy meal …empties it and offers it to me. It’s red it’s huge, it’s probably not even water proof….. and it’s perfect. She’s not yet four but this is just the sort of thing that makes me believe that all is not wrong with this world and that there is still hope for me. Some people might say that this is what happens when you have a girl child but I think this is what happens when you have the right sort of child irrespective of gender.

Either ways I now have a “red” pouch that’s possibly not waterproof and barely fits into the pockets of my track pants but which I probably wouldn’t exchange for anything else, unless she changes her mind.